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The World's first Fantasy Sports Ecosystem offering Ownership of Francises and Players as digital NFL assets #yourownthegame

UFHL Now! comes your way every Friday as Dean Millard recaps what’s happening in the best fantasy hockey league going. UFHL Now! takes you inside the league with not just the top players and teams, but behind the scenes information from UFHL Insider Larry Fisher. Who’s on the block? What team is making a GM move? Which franchise is up for sale? What scouting agency is making a move? Who’s the hottest NFT?


By combining fantasy sports and the Zilliqa blockchain, Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is taking fantasy to a whole new level. Giving utility to NFTs by providing fantasy game play. It’s high stakes, next level and so much fun. Get in the game where you OWN the game!


Check out www.uffsports.com for more information and catch UFHL Now! and other great programming on the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Network

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