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Episode 42

June 9, 2020

He's an entertaining play by play man but more importantly has stood up to racial injustice. Joey Zanaboni is our guest this week and he ha an important and entertaining chat with Jordan Blundell and Dean Millard. A play by play guy with some really creative calls that have led to mixed reviews. Along the way he saw something that wasn't right, spoke up against it and paid for it. This is an important conversation to have. Jordan and Dean went around the horn and debated how many games is too few? Should MLB just have a 30 team tournament? Our Top 5 is your favourite play by play announcers and Baseball Thunderdome saw Jordan picking between 2 legendary third basemen.

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Episode 41

June 4, 2020

This week Brian McCabe of the University of Benedictine Redhawks program joined Jordan Blundell and Dean Millard. The Redhawks are a feeder system to the WCBL and Brian worked under former MLB catcher Kelly Stinnett for the first couple of years. The Redhawks were denied a berth in the NAIA World Series and it's provided some motivation for whenever they get on field again. Jordan and Dean also touched on some recent comments made about the Prospects from the new operator of ReMax Field, and Dean unveiled a surprise new segment for Jordan

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Episode 40

May 25, 2020

This week Jordan Blundell and Dean Millard welcomed in a member of the baseball family, literally. Brent Parker's family owned the Calgary Cannons that played in the same PCL as the Edmonton Trappers and had some HOFers put the uniform on. Brent discussed his family's history with sports some of his favourite players as well as the challenges that pro baseball in Canada and specifically Alberta poses. It was a great trip down memory lane. Jordan and Dean spoke about the ReMax Field announcement with the city and how the Prospects are moving upwards and onwards into building a brand new stadium in Spruce Grove. Around the Horn featured MLB's future, the Korean Baseball Organization and some baseball history including how the Oakland A's are basically the Expos of the American League. Today's Top 5 was the guys you would like to see in a made for TV Home Run Derby right now. 

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Episode 39 - Special Edition with Pat Cassidy

May 22, 2020

With the news of a 10 year agreement between the City of Edmonton and a group headed up by former Oiler Randy Gregg to use ReMax Field, I spoke with Edmonton Prospects owner Pat Cassidy about the immediate and long term future of the team in the Edmonton area.  

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Episode 38

May 18, 2020

Sam Cosentino is usually covering the CHL, but the Rogers Sportsnet hockey analyst has a long and terrific history with baseball and joined Jordan Blundell and Dean Millard  to discuss. From his time as a club house attendant for visiting MLB teams to Toronto to calling Blue Jays and Expos games with some college baseball in between. We also touched on the restrictions if MLB returns to action this year. The Top 5 this week is teams and seasons we would like to see a 10 part 'The Last Dance' type series on. The boys also went back in time to discus Baseball History on May 18th including an immaculate inning and a perfect game from 2 former Expos.

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Episode 37

May 13, 2020

From Phoenix to Nanaimo with a stop in Arkansas in between Nick Salahub is now the Head Coach at Vancouver Island University, a program Jordan used to run. He joined Jordan Blundell and Dean Millard to discuss his journey, roster management, the uniqueness of coaching on the island and how they are shuffling the season. They also chatted about playing baseball in the afternoon heat in Phoenix in the summer and whether or not MLB would be able to play afternoon games in June.  Dean and Jordan also discussed the future of the WCBL and MLB seasons and Michael Jordan's short baseball career. 

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Episode 36

April 20, 2020

We got back on the base paths this week with another episode, this time taking a look back at Edmonton's rich sports history. Reed Clarke owns Ross Flats Vintage Sports Apparel and the name is a nod to the past. From the Trappers to the Greys to the Grads and more, we discussed how you can get your hands on some cool gear. Jordan and Dean discussed whether or not we will see baseball this year and what it might look like on the international and local level. Our Top 5 was things we miss about baseball. 

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Episode 35

March 23, 2020

After a couple of weeks off due to travel and Covid19 Dean and Jordan hooked up again, this time through Skype as we're all doing our part to stay at home. The boys discussed what they've been doing to keep busy, the future of the Prospects season and what's going on with MLB. They also did their current and retired line ups thanks to an idea from Josh Donaldson and their Top 5 baseball families. Hopefully this gives you a nice distraction right now. 


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Episode 34

March 2, 2020

This week Jamie Thomas of Jets TV joined Jordan Blundell and Dean Millard, mostly because he is also a Fantasy Baseball Commish. The boys looked ahead to the MLB season and debated fantasy categories. Are holds a good idea? Who will be the Fantasy MVP? Who's overrated/underrated? Who's a sleeper pick? Jordan unveiled some more Prospect signings and they went Around the Horn to discuss Jose Bautista on the mound and former Astros offering to return World Series rings. 


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