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Episode 28

January 13, 2020

This week Jordan and Dean dove into how the Astros have blown up. Suspensions, firings and more to come. We also chatted with new Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Manager Brent Lavallee about his new job, his old job at LSUS (including one very memorable night and youth baseball in North Delta, BC. Jordan gave us the lowdown on his winter signings and if you entered our Ultimate Sports Passes contest, you'll want to tune in. 

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Episode 27

December 16, 2019

This week Jordan and Dean discussed the ongoing MLB free agency and why players sign where they do. We touched on Larry Walker's HOF vote run in his final chance to make it to Cooperstown and unveiled how you can win a pair of Ultimate Sports Passes. Jordan gave his top 5 moments from the past season and he unveiled some player signings.

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Episode 26

December 9, 2019

This week Jordan and Dean were joined by Jeff Krushell of Krush Performance. Jeff has previously worked for the Toronto Blue Jays and currently does some consulting work for MLB. We covered pretty much everything from free agency to development and a lot in between.  Are the Blue Jays ready for a big name free agent? Where will Rendon land now that Strasburg has signed back in Washington and what will Cole get in the end? We also discussed the importance of leagues like the WCBL and programs like the Edmonton Prospects.

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Episode 25

November 29, 2019

This week Pat Cassidy, team owner joined Jordan and Dean to recap marathon negotiations with the city, the team's future at ReMax Field and in Spruce Grove and how the WCBL can move forward and grow.  It's an informative conversation with the team owner. We also touched on respect in coaching with all the bad news swirling around hockey coaches right now. 

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Episode 24

November 4, 2019


This week Jordan and Dean were joined by the GM and the President of Baseball Operations for the WCBL expansion team in Sylvan Lake Aqil Samuel. The club will start up in 2021 and Aqil gave us a look at their road map to success. The stadium being built has been described as state of the art and we had a glimpse into what that might look like. We also unveiled our Top 5 favourite MLB expansion teams of all time!! Jordan discussed building his club next year which starts now and the boys debated who the #2 free agent this winter will be after Gerrit Cole and where Madbaum fits in?

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Episode 23

October 28, 2019


This week Jordan gave Dean and the listeners some great news about the future of the team at ReMax Field and recapped WCBL meetings with some good and bad news. The boys recapped a wild World Series and debated which is a better story the Washington Nationals or the St. Louis Blues. We also laid out our Top 5 moments of the 2019 MLB playoffs and touched on some managerial moves in MLB. Plus Saturday is Jordan's Bday so make sure you wish him. Happy Birthday!!!

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Episode 22

October 21, 2019

This week Jordan and Dean were joined by Geoff White of the Okanagan Coyotes baseball program. He's the Head Coach and Jordan's former teammate and roommate.

Geoff gave us the goods on the CCBC and his thoughts on the WCBL. We also previewed and made our picks for the World Series as well as unveiled our Top 5 playoff clutch performers of all time. Jordan gave an update on negotiations with the City of Edmonton and Dean tried to spook Jordan with some new additions to the Marsh Studio. Enjoy! Subscribe! Review!  Listen here on Apple Music or here

Episode 21

October 14, 2019

This week Jordan and Dean welcomed a former player of Jordan's who is now coaching NCAA baseball as Cody Andreychuk from the Lindsey Wilson Blue Raiders gave us the goods on obtaining an accent, baseball in Kentucky, building relationships, the MLB playoffs and more. There is also good news for the Prospects future in Edmonton. Jordan and Dean discussed the MLB playoffs and broke down Carlos Correa's magical play in the 6th inning of the Yankees/Astros game 2 as well as how the Nationals keep getting things done. Plus Top 5 Canadian MLB players of all time.  Enjoy! Subscribe! Review!  Listen here on Apple Music or here

Episode 20

October 7, 2019

Jack Cookson is a baseball guy 365 days a year and has an wicked awesome memorabilia store called Pro Am Sports in Edmonton. He's a great guy, for a Giants fan and we discussed this year's playoffs, his time as a clubhouse guy for the Trappers and baseball in Edmonton right now. Jack, Jordan and Dean also went through their top 5 uniforms of all time in MLB. Jordan also gave Dean a lesson on curveballs. This winter Dean will try and learn how to throw a curveball. Enjoy! Subscribe! Review!  Listen here on Apple Music or here

Episode 19

September 30, 2019

The MLB playoffs are here and it's some of the best theatre sports has to offer. Keegan Matheson of previewed the AL and NL match ups with Jordan and Dean as well the Blue Jays, the team that Keegan covers on a regular basis. Jordan and Dean also provided their Top 5 individual playoff performances in MLB history. The guys also  debated Joe Maddon going to the Angels and what else they need to get into the playoffs. It's the end of the month so the Edmonton Prospects should be hearing soon about their future with ReMax Field, hopefully we have good news next week. Enjoy! Subscribe! Review!  Listen here on Apple Music or here

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