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We're heavy on sports chatter but will definitely be branching out into movies, music, pop culture and almost anything else. There will be close to zero talk on religion or politics, but pretty much anything goes.


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Episode 26

December 3, 2019

This week Mark Spector of Rogers Sportsnet joined me in Podcast Alley to discuss the movement in hockey regarding abusive coaches, the Oilers hot run and his new book about Hockey Canada and the World Junior Championship. It was a really fun conversation. As usual you can win a GC from Acme Meat Market and we announced a new contest with Pro Am Sports starting December 16th on Sports And More Live on the 12oz Sports Radio Network

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Episode 25

November 26, 2019

Jason Strudwick was a tough customer when he played his 674 games in the NHL with 100 fights on his resume. He also has an infectious personality and is one of the best storytellers. I enjoyed working with him and this conversation was a lot of fun. His last job before being a pro hockey player is a funny story, as are encounters with teammates including helping one high profile ex Oiler spend his bonus money. We chatted about the Oilers, Don Cherry and how he handles social media...which is brilliant. 

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Episode 24

November 19, 2019

Brock McGillis the first pro hockey player to come out as gay joined me for an important conversation about the language used in hockey dressing rooms when he was growing up, knowing he was gay but keeping it to himself. We discussed whether or not there needs to be a star pro player who comes out as gay and what that might be like pressure wise. Brock is available if you need to reach out. He leaves his contact details on the podcast.

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Episode 23

November 5, 2019

Rod Pedersen has been on the airwaves in Saskatchewan since 1988 and spent 20 years as the voice of the Riders. He's now onto a new venture in a changing media landscape. He previewed the CFL playoffs, talked some NHL and discussed his journey to sobriety. It's a really open and interesting conversation about where he is now in his life. 

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